What is JabberHive?

JabberHive is a communication protocol intented to be used to construct modular reply bots.

This website describes that protocol, and lists some of the programs that are compatible.

Why use JabberHive?

  • Make each program do one thing well. To do a new job, build afresh rather than complicate old programs by adding new "features".
  • Expect the output of every program to become the input to another, as yet unknown, program.
- Doug MCIlroy
  • Write programs that do one thing and do it well.
  • Write programs to work together.
  • Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface.
- Peter H. Salus

Such is the base of the Unix Philosophy, and such is what tries to follow the JabberHive protocol. Indeed, there may are plenty of Chatbots available, but nearly all of them are made of a single program, for a single communication protocol, with optional features making their code grow in complexity.

Instead of a single program, a JabberHive Chatbot is a network of interconnected Components that all use the same text-based protocol. This lets developer add functionalities without having to even look at the existing code, by simply making a new component (in pretty much any programming language).